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So, why Embrace Your Edge?

So, when I decided that I need to create a Facebook page and a website to launch my yoga and nutrition services I decided that I didn't want to call it Tal Zalel Yoga...or Tal Zalel Yoga and Nutrition. I wanted a different name for my for several reasons:

First, so many teachers I know name their pages or the websites ......... ........... yoga. I wanted to be slightly different. Second, my name, Tal Zalel, have to admit it's not you're typical name, and because of that I thought I wanted something that might capture people's attention a little more. Finally, I wanted a name that would really be at the heart of what I believe in, in life in general, with what I've decided to do with my own life, and with what I would like to support others in.

So, after coming up with various potential names, including a few that unbeknownst to me at the time were already taken up by a few famous yogis, I decided on Embrace Your Edge.

Basically, this is what it means to me: Often in yoga, a teacher might talk about going to your edge. Generally, coming to your edge means to get outside your comfort zone! Often, most of us have the tendency to think that means going as hard as possible or coming to the limits of your physical abilities. Whilst, that might mean that to some people, that's not what it means to me.

To leave your comfort zone can mean different things to different people and depending on the day and what else is going on in someone's life it can change from moment to moment. In a yoga practice that can mean trying something different or going a little further then what you have tried before. For example, it might mean noticing fear or hesitation about coming into a certain pose, or beliefs that limit us (for example, "I'll never be able to do a crow.") but trying it anyway. It might not be fact, it most likely won't be perfect, you might stumble or fall. However! If you never try it...the only certainty is that you'll never get there!

However, embracing your edge can also mean the opposite. I'm going to use the yoga practice example again. You might be someone who always really goes for it...every pose is always the most physically challenging one that you can perform or attempt to perform. However, If that's what your always practice, that then becomes your comfort zone. In my opinion, many of us in London, including myself, often not only practice but live in this way. Obviously it's very admirable to be a grafter and work hard and enjoy challenges...but are we really listening to the needs of our mind and body when we're constantly pushing ourselves? In this case, moving out of your comfort zone might mean to sometimes ease off, focus on breath and restoration, and not give ourselves such a hard time!

Of course, we can also take these examples and apply them to life. If for whatever reason we're dissatisfied with an aspect of our life, be it jobs, relationships, health, fitness...whatever... to create change that will allow us to have a life that's more fulfilling and satisfying, we often need to leave our comfort zone and embrace a certain amount of uncertainty as we take the journey towards greater joy and satisfaction. I embracing my edge? :) Well...overall in the past few years I think I am. I've left a job that was very comfortable although extremely dissatisfying. I have faced some difficult financial and emotional setbacks over the past few years whilst heading down this road (more on that another time) and despite these challenges I've persisted. Even creating this website and writing this blog post is me definitely moving outside my comfort zone. Opening myself up, perhaps to criticism or cynicism, or just by opening myself up I'm exposing a certain amount of vulnerability...always a bit of a scary thing!!

And I won't lie to you. It hasn't been easy and at times I've wanted to stop and give up and go back to the way it was. But, I know that if I do then I really will be limiting my opportunities to live and experience the life I truly want to create.


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