As the saying goes... "Yoga is so much more than being able to touch your toes.  It's about what you learn on the way down."

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There has been an explosion of yoga in the western world in recent years and for a very good reason!


Often, we associate yoga with flexibility and stress, but it is so much richer than that. The benefits that can come from a regular yoga practice are far reaching and incredibly varied.  


Physical benefits includes gains in strength, stamina, flexibility, and improved posture.  While other associated health benefits include improved stress management, enhanced feelings of wellbeing, reduction in blood pressure, improvements in circulation, digestion, and immune function. 


While those are all incredibly amazing reasons to practice yoga, I believe that one of the most fundamentally incredible things about yoga is the fact that it can serve as a platform for growth and transformation.


At it's heart, a regular yoga practice is a practice of awareness.  Not only do we become more aware of our bodies, but very importantly, we become increasingly aware of ourselves...of who we are.  Through a regular yoga practice we become increasingly aware of the thoughts, patterns, and habits that we've developed that support us through our lives, and we also come face to face with those that undermine us and prevent us from fully living.


At it's most powerful, yoga enables us to live our lives with greater compassion for ourselves and others, and have greater self-esteem and confidence to pursue our dreams and passions!